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Humakare Alliance

Recognized for the quality of its health care and services, Humakare Alliance brings together four companies specializing in recruitment, training, personnel placement, management consulting and private health care, all of which put people first.

Healthcare HR outsourcing and staffing agency
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Specialized training center for healthcare personnel
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Private home and institutional healthcare services
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Staff placement, outsourcing services, project management, management consulting and corporate training
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Our purpose

To make a difference, both in the lives of those who give and those who receive healthcare, by building partnerships based on listening and the desire to excel, every day.

Firmly rooted values

At Humakare Alliance, everyone is driven by simple but non-negotiable values. They are the guiding principle behind every decision we make and every action we take.


Here, we're not just doing a job, we're fulfilling our vocation. Whatever our role in the organization, we have fun every day, and the desire to participate in something bigger than ourselves.


Professionalism characterizes everything we do. We are constantly improving our practices to enhance the quality of life of our users and build trust with all our stakeholders.


People are at the heart of our mission, which is why listening and consideration are omnipresent. We act with respect to preserve individual dignity at all costs.

Our history in summary

The beginnings of Humakare Alliance go back more than 25 years, with the founding of Agence Services Santé. Focused on quality care delivered by qualified, experienced professionals, the recruitment and staffing agency quickly made a name for itself in the Greater Montreal area.

As demand grew, Formations Solutions Santé and Au Soin d'une vie were created. These two companies expanded the company's range of services to include training and homecare.

In January 2022, Soins Gabrielle entered into a merger with Au Soin d'une vie, under the new Humanika identity. This entity now optimizes the range of homecare services offered to elderly people, those at the end of their lives or those suffering from neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

A leader in the recruitment, training, placement and management of healthcare personnel, Humakare Alliance is continuing its momentum with the same determination: to provide quality care and services in a working environment fuelled by passion, ethics and empathy.

Humakare Alliance is continuing its strong growth by continuing to develop partnerships with companies in a variety of fields, taking charge of various operational activities.

The strong and solid expertise of the management team and collaborators who offer various services related to human resources has prompted Humakare Alliance to create a new entity, Exploratio!

Exploratio is distinguished by exceptional people with a wide range of experience in local and international recruitment, outsourcing and management of large-scale projects, training and consulting services. They use flexible, personalized approaches that are precisely tailored to customers' needs.

Integrity, understanding of priorities and objectives, strategic and analytical vision, and the ability to manage complex situations are some of the characteristics that qualify the members of the Humakare Alliance team.